IMG_0091aAs we start the new year, the Board would like to thank all those who have volunteered on our committees to present the May Memorial Ceremony, and the individual Chiefs of Police and Sheriff who provided behind the scenes manpower and assets to make it happen. This ongoing support is absolutely essential to making our Memorial Ceremony one of, if not arguably the best.

Secondly, sponsorship is a big animal at times as it encompasses everything from providing water to hand out on a hot ceremony day, to support for our luncheon as donated by our friends at,The Grandview Foundation.

Many individuals and now groups have stepped forward assisting with partnership and we offer a huge THANK YOU for 2015!

Dayton Demolition Hockey Charity Night -Valor and Hope Golf Classic, Archers, City Barbeque, Brookville PD 5k Run/Walk Candlelight Vigil, Knockout Dayton Celebrity Boxing, Lyons Eye Bank, The Tissue and Blood Banks, and Krogers Community Rewards (See last month post on how to sign us up) There are more, and I apologize for being remiss.

If you have an event idea and would like to partner with us, we need your support and would be glad to promote it. As you can see, there were a large variety of different events provided.

Also, if you want to assist us this year by offering up a Tax Deductable contribution, you may send a check to:

P.O. Box 1082
Dayton Ohio 45401

Thanks again from the Board,

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